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Power Factor for Dummies

Breaking down a notoriously difficult concept and what it means for your bill.

How Energy Demand Management Drives Business Value

Without a solid Energy Demand Management strategy, you’re likely leaving huge savings on the table.

Ndustrial Tackles Scope 3 Emissions Gap to Drive Industrial Decarbonization

Provides path for industrial enterprises to automate Scope 3 reporting across the supply chain

Demand Management for Dummies

Industrial facilities don’t just need energy efficiency – they also need to consider the timing of their energy use.

Hot Texas Summer

You already know Texas electricity prices can spike dramatically. Are you ready for a record-breaking summer?

World’s leading cold storage company reduces Energy Intensity more than 30%

Enabled by Ndustrial, Lineage Logistics has avoided the equivalent of nearly 250,000 homes’ annual electricity use.

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