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Tire Recycler Saves Hundreds of Thousands in Energy Costs in Less Than 4 Months

Genan dodges energy inflation with automated load control.

The Top 3 KPIs for Industrial Energy Management

Every business is unique, but we often see 3 metrics emerge as Key Performance Indicators: Energy Spend vs. Budget; Production-Normalized Energy Intensity; and Carbon Intensity

Ndustrial Expands Energy Platform into Recycling Vertical Market

World’s largest mechanical tire recycler saves hundreds of thousands in energy costs in less than four months.

Industrial Snowflakes

Your operation is unique. We can still measure and manage Energy Intensity.

Power Factor for Dummies

Breaking down a notoriously difficult concept and what it means for your bill.

How Energy Demand Management Drives Business Value

Without a solid Energy Demand Management strategy, you’re likely leaving huge savings on the table.

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