eTRU Shore Power Solutions

Decarbonize supply chains with electrification of refrigerated trailer docks

Over 1 billion gallons of diesel are wasted each year in the U.S. alone as trucks idle during loading and unloading.* Ndustrial’s Nsight Platform is the centerpiece of a smart solution for installation and management of electric Transport Refrigeration Unit power, including:

  • Design and installation of eTRU shore power infrastructure
  • Revenue-grade metering and monitoring for each dock
  • Real-time truck presence / plug status for every dock at every facility
  • Easy data sharing for carbon reporting & regulatory compliance
  • Tools for managing time-of-use, demand charges, CP/4CP & DR
  • Facilitation of government and utility programs and incentives



eTRU Shore Power Solutions

An Nsight™ solution for decarbonizing supply chains

Frozen raspberries

Cold storage providers:

  • Generate new revenue while helping customers reduce fuel use
  • Automatically invoice each customer for eTRU power draw

Food suppliers, distributors and haulers:

  • Quantifiably reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs
  • Optimize when trucks use diesel or electricity based on rates
Utility pole with distribution transformers


  • Help industrial customers electrify more load
  • New controllable load to help balance the grid

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