Integrations & Tech

A Holistic Platform

Ndustrial’s platform brings data from over 60 different systems into a single, normalized view. We understand that every industrial operation is unique, and we have experience integrating with many different production systems, control systems, energy data sources, and so much more.

Ndustrial also leverages best-of-breed, open-source software, programming tools, coding languages, and cloud infrastructure. This gives us access to thousands of programming resources, all contributing to maintain these open-source tools. It also enables us to more easily integrate with industrial systems.

Integrations & Partners

To create true energy transparency, Ndustrial integrates:

  • Production data & control systems
  • Real-time IoT, energy & carbon data
  • Utility bills & weather data
  • Currency exchange and much more

In total, we process over 100 million data points every day to help users create a culture of energy intelligence throughout the organization. We can also enable two-way communication that automates the energy-saving opportunities that make sense for each client.

Open & secure

By leveraging open-source tools and technology, we create an extensible platform that is both transparent and secure. Because our architecture is not proprietary, we can integrate with many other systems and facilitate easy data sharing. In short, this allows for greater customization and control over how systems interact with each other.

With open source, we are also leveraging more than 100 times the brainpower of our development team on a daily basis. Our technology partners have thousands of contributors that equate to billions of dollars of human capital investment. These are proven, well-respected technologies that give our own development team the freedom to customize our platform, not work on fixing the core technology.