Are Your Operations Flexible Enough to Avoid Energy Price Spikes?

Electricity prices can spike more than 10,000% during peak times. Are you managing your risk? If not, industrial customers can be hit with massive charges. In addition to the amount of energy used, industrial facilities may need to consider:

  • Price spikes
  • Demand charges
  • Coincident Peak / 4CP charges
  • Demand response

Let our energy experts guide you through your bill and your options. We offer a holistic approach to load management that lets you start where you want and offload as much of the complexity as you’d like. We can even integrate with legacy control systems to automate your load control.

Automated Demand Response Case Study

Learn how one facility gets paid to provide load flexibility to the grid, with just a simple text message approval.

Hot Texas Summer

You already know Texas electricity prices can spike dramatically. Are you ready for a record-breaking summer?

The Impact of Industrial ADR

New, game-changing solution enables ten-minute response – giving facilities enough time to safely shut down refrigeration systems during peak demand periods.

Manage your energy price risk with load control solutions from Ndustrial

Avoid Price Spikes

  • Know when price spikes are coming (for day-ahead and real-time rate customers)
  • Understand when it makes sense to curtail
  • Automate various load shedding scenarios

Avoid 4CP / Coincident Peak and Demand Charges

  • Understand how demand charges impact your bill (typically 30-70% of your bill*)
  • Predict Coincident Peak periods
  • Automate peak shaving and Coincident Peak / 4CP load shedding

Automate Demand Response

  • Understand which Demand Response programs make sense for your operation
  • Automate curtailment scenarios and shutdown sequences
  • Turn your facility into a giant battery – and get paid!
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