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Connect your production and energy data

We believe energy efficiency is about more than using less energy – it’s also about boosting revenue through greater productivity. Ndustrial’s real-time Energy Intensity Platform correlates your energy spend to operate at the lowest possible cost-per-unit while maintaining quality production.

We give you the data and energy intelligence to actively manage and monitor energy consumption across your entire portfolio of facilities in real time – allowing you to make decisions that truly impact production costs and improve the bottom line.

Lineage Logistics facility

Lineage Logistics case study

Find out how Lineage, the world’s leading cold storage company, has been able to reduce Energy Intensity across its business through its work with Ndustrial.

Workers walking a factory floor

Nsight product guide

Turn energy efficiency into production efficiency using Ndustrial Nsight™ – the only production-first industrial Energy Intelligence software solution.

Pallets in a warehouse

Energy intensity management

Discover how Nsight enables next-generation energy intensity monitoring and management across not only your facility – but also your production operations. Our IoT and software-based approach lets you quickly understand performance through our dashboards and reports.

Improve your efficiency

  • Quickly identify how changes in production, e.g., blast freezing, impacts energy and throughput.
  • Receive real-time data for instant decision-making, analysis, and adjustments to your manufacturing process.
  • Improve individual and site-wide analysis of your production throughput and energy usage via Nsight dashboards.

Control your costs

  • Lower your energy costs by quickly identifying expensive energy periods, how much energy is being consumed, and how much you’re paying for your energy.
  • Leverage a detailed view of your facility or portfolio KPIs to identify where you may be over-or underperforming.
  • Receive actionable, energy intelligence from the site, down to the device level, to help you reduce energy spend.

Boost your margins

  • Drive business growth through real-time Energy Intensity KPIs – uncovering correlations between energy usage and spend per unit of production.
  • Gain visibility into significant energy users through sub-metering – giving you real-time data on what’s consuming the most energy and allowing you to take preventative action quickly.
  • Leverage legacy systems without the need to invest in new technology.

An outcome-based approach

Ndustrial is helping facilities of all sizes unlock the potential of optimization algorithms, projects, and programs through our next generation Energy Intensity solution. Our algorithms keep facilities running smoothly by leveraging the true value of your energy and production data. Nsight will help you accelerate new efficiencies at scale. We deliver what’s truly important – and extremely difficult to achieve – leveraging insights learned to actually optimize production and impact your bottom line.

Connect your production and energy data