Find — and automate — the energy-saving opportunities that make sense for your operations, anywhere in the world.

Ndustrial is trusted in over 400 mission-critical facilities around the world to measure and reduce energy and carbon intensity.

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10/24 Top 10 Best practices for refrigerated facilities

Learn how to trim your energy bill, your cowowrkers' frustrations, and mystery surrounding your portfolio-wide energy usage

Casey Schurtz Women in Supply Chain Award

Casey Schurtz Wins Award

Wow, she did it! So amazing. It's great. Incredible!

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Ndustrial Launches Real-time energy suggestions for industrial facilties

You don't have to really do anything but say the word. Isn't that great! I mean heck, I'd do it but I'm not an industrial facility.

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Energy Intelligence

With energy costs representing the second-highest expenditure within an industrial facility, it’s no wonder why companies are looking to reduce energy spend as a way to impact their bottom line.

From traditional energy costs such as gas, water and electricity to resources like raw materials and employees to effort such as productivity and output, almost every aspect of an industrial facility can be tracked to energy expenditures.

The key to truly impacting bottom-line results is getting past traditional energy monitoring and management to truly achieve Energy Intelligence™. Energy Intelligence means leveraging all the factory insights to gain a significant, real-time knowledge of energy consumption, efficiencies, and costs — and how to shape them to drive increased efficiency while driving business growth. Implemented successfully, this can lead to huge reductions in expenses, higher-quality results, and improved revenue.

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